You can Upgrade Google Nexus 5X RAM to 4GB for about $60

Google Nexus 5X Bootloop Fix

Apparently, it is possible to upgrade the Google Nexus 5X RAM to an impressive 4GB, just like what you have on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

This is something great, considering it will only set you back about $60. However, it will also involve shipping your device to China so that the whole package can be replaced with a bigger RAM.

This comes from an XDA member who had a bootloop issue with the Google Nexus 5X – like many others. Apparently, the user, who goes by the name Cathair2906, bought a Nexus 5X in Hong Kong back in 2016 and after the warranty expired, the bootloop issue set in. As a result, the LG center in Hong Kong declined to repair the device since it was outside the warranty.

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Not giving up, Cathair2906 decided to find a yet-to-be-confirmed Chinese technician and shipped the bootlooping Google Nexus 5X to the country. Since the Nexus 5X’s CPU is actually under the RAM, the technician suggested that they could even go ahead and upgrade the RAM to 3GB or even 4GB, just like it was to happen with the CPU. Well, Cathair2906 bought into the idea and that’s how our friend currently has a Google Nexus 5X with a massive 4GB RAM.

Google Nexus 5X


If you have had a Nexus 5X since 2015 and you couldn’t upgrade to the Google Pixel due to its huge price tag, despite being more than 6 months old. Well, you can bump up the performance of your old phone and bring it close to what Pixel users are enjoying with their 4GB RAM package. Apparently, the device is in great working condition and in fact, the XDA member has already upgraded to the latest Android 7.1.2 Nougat and it’s reportedly working perfectly.

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Cathair2906 has been generous enough to share a bunch of screenshots, including one from CPU-Z, and they do confirm that its indeed an LG-made Google Nexus 5X, codenamed bullhead, we are talking about here – with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage. The CPU-Z screenshot also confirms the 5.2-inch 1080p display screen with a pixel density of 423ppi alongside the official release date of the phone, which is October 2015.


Considering that this only cost the XDA member CNY400 or roughly $60, it’s indeed a great deal rather than spending a massive $650 on a 4GB/32GB Google Pixel phone. We’ll for sure be watching out for the details regarding the Chinese technician who was able to make this happen.

Are you interested in upgrading the RAM of your Google Nexus 5X to 3GB or 4GB? Of course, you are. Stay tuned!

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