Will Samsung Galaxy Note FE and Galaxy S8 (S8+) affect the market performance of the Galaxy Note 8?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has just confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled in late August and start selling almost immediately in early September.

What this means is that the Korean tech company is putting the final touches on the phablet, the successor to the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Despite what happened, Samsung seems unmoved and is adamant that the Galaxy Note 8 will still be a hit, but is everyone who suffered from the Note 7 recall sharing the same thoughts?

After a long period of investigations, Samsung finally came up to the conclusion that the Galaxy Note 7 issue was more of related to the battery unit. Subsequently, the release of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ came with a new set of safety procedures that include an 8-point battery safety test to ensure that the Note 7 disaster was not repeated. As a result, there’s no reported case of any S8 or S8+ bursting into flames as at the time of this writing.

Despite the new reassurance from Samsung with respect to the safety of its batteries, some will still be curious to see what happens with the Galaxy Note 8. In the event that even a single case is reported, it may spell the end for Samsung’s Note family, but Sammy is adamant that this won’t happen at all, which is why the tech giant has even relaunched the refurbished Note 7 dubbed Galaxy Note FE.

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The new Galaxy Note FE is currently available in South Korea, with other markets where it’ll be sold yet to be confirmed. The phone retails at about $625 and if reports are to be believed, this price is about $400 less than what the Galaxy Note 8 will retail at. So far, the Note FE is attracting more people, something that is mainly down to its price tag and unchanged specs.

At the same time, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are also doing great in the market, even though reports suggest that the pair is still nowhere near what the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge achieved in their first two months of business. Interestingly, business is good in Samsung’s mobile division despite some people still holding out for the release of the Note 8.

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With this kind of success for the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note FE, it raises the question: will their presence in the market have any effect on the market performance of the Galaxy Note 8? Or put it simply, does the market really need the Note 8 at a time when the S8 and Note FE are reportedly doing just fine?

Samsung Galaxy Note FE

Apple, Google and LG are working on new phones to be released in the coming months. The LG V30 will be released at the IFA 2017 while Apple and Google are expected to follow the phablet with their own releases in the shape of iPhone 8 and Pixel 2, respectively. If Samsung is indeed to compete with these flagships, there’s no doubt that it needs its “Next Big Thing” in the market too.

The Note 7 debacle meant that Samsung suffered huge losses and the company is keen not to go through the same thing again. This is why it needs this Note 8 so badly, but as we all know, the success of the phone will be determined by the market or rather, by you!

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So, do you think the market really needs a Galaxy Note 8, especially now that the Note FE is fresh on the market and the S8 and S8+ are still performing well? Let us know in your comments below.

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