Why you should upgrade WhatsApp for Android to the latest version

Upgrade WhatsApp for Android

Do you think it’s necessary to upgrade WhatsApp for Android to the latest version? Well, if you don’t, we have some reasons for you to do so whenever there’s a new version.

WhatsApp is the best app you can find out there when it comes to messaging and calling friends regardless of where they are. The app has a huge following across the globe, with over 1.2 billion people currently registered as monthly active users.

One thing that makes the app so interesting is the number of features supported, but you’ll also enjoy the simplicity of using the app on your phone. While the app is designed to be simple, the number of features available keeps on changing with each update, which is one of the reasons you should actually upgrade WhatsApp for Android to the latest version on a regular basis, unless you are okay with missing out on some of the best additions to the app.

Other than getting new features, another essential reason to upgrade WhatsApp for Android to the latest version available is the bugs and error fixes these newer versions come with. Not all software updates end up being perfect. At times, you might notice a drastic change in your phone’s battery life or performance, where the phone suddenly becomes too slow or the app itself starts responding intermittently.

Usually, this might be as a result of a recent update, which might not be limited to WhatsApp, but also to other apps, including the Android software itself. In such cases, developers of these software applications follow up previous updates with newer versions aimed at solving issues discovered in the already installed versions. These updates are essential and if you don’t install them, you might never find a solution to your newly found problems on your Android phone.

With the growing level of cyberattacks and malicious hackers, it’s always a good step to stay ahead of the game. WhatsApp developers constantly monitor the app in a bid to find out any holes and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by these attackers. In case of any, an update is rolled out to fix the vulnerabilities and prevent these hackers from harming your account and phone in general.

Whenever you see a notification to upgrade WhatsApp for Android to a new version, don’t hesitate to do so, because it could be one of those updates that are aimed at keeping your personal data stored on the app safe following the discovery of a major vulnerability by the WhatsApp team.

As usual, WhatsApp for Android is available via the Google Play Store. Rather than waiting for the update notification to show up, you can make it a habit of regularly checking the Play Store for any latest updates so that you can download and install them manually on your phone.

So, after reading this, are you still having second thoughts about why you should upgrade WhatsApp for Android to the latest version? If yes, let us know why in your comments below.

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