WhatsApp Text Formatting Feature is Getting Easier to Use thanks to New Shortcuts, No Need to Remember Codes

Last year, Facebook-owned WhatsApp introduced a new feature where users could format text before sending it to others.

The feature is still here, where users can bold, italicize or strikethrough texts. However great this feature is, it has one major drawback. In order to make text bold or strike through it, you have to use some codes – codes that can be tough to remember at times.

For instance, if you want to bold text, you’ll need to add an asterisk (*) before and after this text. To send the text in italics, you need to replace the asterisk with an underscore (_). As for strikethrough, you need to find a tilde (~) and insert it either side of the text before sending it.

If you are like me, who has been finding it hard to use text formatting due to this hassle, well, you’ll love the new WhatsApp version and the feature that comes with. Even though still in beta, we can confirm that the latest version of the app – v2.17.148 – gets rid of the need to remember these codes. Instead, the app has new shortcuts for text formatting, including changing the font, a few taps away.


When you are done writing your text, press and hold on the section you want to format. Usually, this path results in options like cut and copy popping up, but to format the text, you’ll have to tap on the three dots in order to reveal the shortcuts. You can keep on scrolling to see more options and when you find something you want, tap on it to apply it. Cool huh!

The good side of the story is that you can still use the codes, if that’s really your thing. But as noted earlier, this version of WhatsApp is still in beta and as such, you’ll have to wait for an unknown period before the feature hits the Google Play Store version. If you can’t wait, grab the APK version via the APK Mirror and install it manually.

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