WhatsApp Recall Feature Nearing Release, No More Embarrassments


The long rumored WhatsApp recall feature could be released in a few weeks time. According to a report by WABetaInfo, the feature is already in Windows Phone beta version just waiting to be enabled, a strong indication of its release in the near future.

WhatsApp is no longer a thing for the youth alone but for the entire society. Employers and institutions now use the platform as media for dispensing official news which means there is a seven over ten chance that employees got their employers’ WhatsApp contacts. So, what happens when you forward to your boss an erotic meme by fluke?  Could you imagine how much it can dent your reputation?

Well, in that case the hotly anticipated recall feature would come in handy to salvage the situation. And there are many more embarrassing scenarios that involve mistakenly sent messages. Essentially that explains clearly why this feature is held in high regards and the frenzied hype around its coming.

Now, if the leaked screenshots by WABetaInfo are anything to go by, then the ‘unsend’ feature will be activated in the next major update of the chat app’s Windows Phone build. Regarding how it works, earlier rumors suggested that it will let you recall or edit messages within 5 minutes from the time they are sent.

Of course, that will only work if your recipient has not opened the message. It is also said that it will let users recall not only text messages but also images, documents, videos, Gifs, and even the new status replies. The screenshots also features a ‘Learn more’ button ostensibly for detailed information on how to use the function.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone is one of three major clients for the popular chat service but it’s rare for it to get updates or features ahead of the other two – Android and iOS versions – which basically host the largest fraction of the app’s 1.2 billion monthly active users. So, it’s quite weird that the feature will arrive in Windows Phone first. Nonetheless, its better when it’s somewhere, even in the outgoing Nokia Symbian version, than being in the rumor mills.

The latest WhatsApp beta (v2.17.218) release also adds ability to pin multiple chats alongside mute and unmute notifications feature and it goes without say that it also fixes previous bugs. Grab it here for you Windows phone.

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