WhatsApp Moves One Stride Ahead with Addition of Emoji Search Feature

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WhatsApp has a new feature that helps find your favorite emojis faster and with less effort.

The feature is rolling out for the Android build of the popular messaging service, though in the beta channel at the moment. Full rollout should come not long from now as always been the case. However, it is not yet clear when iPhones or Windows Phone will be getting a similar treat, which shouldn’t take long as well.

Instead of swiping sideways and running your eyes in the wild searching for an emoji, the new WhatsApp feature gives you suggestions depending on the keywords that you enter in a newly created search tab. To add an emoji, you will have to tap on the emoji icon normally, but instead of bumping into a page of random avatars you’ll see a search section right below, where you enter search terms and suggestions appear right at the top. Say, for example, you want to find emojis for smile, you’ll just type the word ‘smile’ and all emojis for smile will appear. Easy, right?

This announcement comes on the back of a fierce competition in mobile messaging realm with startups swarming the market like never before and existing mortal rivals upping their game every single day. And to stay ahead of this grisly antagonism, one has to be unique. WhatsApp has been exceptional in the way it dispenses features.The service is not known for introducing new features way ahead of its competitors, rather, for dispensing them keenly and effectively.

As a matter of fact, emoji search feature is nothing new, if anything third-party keyboard applications like Google Gboard have been having it for ages now. But, with features that make life easy for users, like this one, WhatsApp will be looking to top 2 billion users in few years to come.

Aside from letting you find your favorite avatars seamlessly, this feature will also aid in unraveling meanings to different emojis. While most WhatsApp emojis are representations of common things known to us, there are some which are a bit challenging to decode. This is the chance to know it all, by just doing a random search around things that interests you, you get to learn a lot.

The feature is live on WhatsApp beta build 2.17.246 or newer, which you can get via Google Play Store or by downloading APK files from the Internet.

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