WhatsApp Messenger: What Makes the Chat Service Outstanding?

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WhatsApp currently leads the mobile messaging space with over 1.1 billion active users.

Facebook managed to secure the best deal in 2014 when the company and WhatsApp Inc. changed ownership of the now most popular chat service. WhatsApp then was young and not so many users knew about the instant messaging app, all the same, it had started gaining traction.

The full upsurge has been realized after the multi-billion purchase that saw the now most popular chat app change hands from being fully being under co-founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton to Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Contrary to what many people may think, WhatsApp popularity is not based on the number of the features it has but rather the efficiency and simplicity by which the features are dispensed. The service is instant, secure, free and simple making it popular among people of all social classes.

The rate at which the app developers bring in new features has been relatively slow, in most occasions other competitors introduce new features and technologies ahead of the leading player in the market. For instance, the developers of the client had been reluctant to release video calling feature which almost all top players in the mobile chatting universe had. Its diehards had to pair WhatsApp with another messenger to access the sought-after face-to-face chat function. However, that has changed with the launching of video calling which WhatsApp is offering at a notch higher-the function has been optimized to work not only on older and less silky phones but also in countries with comparatively poor internet connection.

Recent updates have brought in some of the best features to platform. These features which may have been in other chat messengers before are new to the instant messaging mogul. The inclusions which consist of Video Streaming, Image Editing and Two-Step Verification have been dubbed as some of the wisest additions by WhatsApp developers this year.

Video Streaming

WhatsApp newly added video streaming feature works under the same mechanism as YouTube’s which buffers some part of the video for viewing as download continues in the background. The feature saves users the curiosity spawned when they have to wait until a video is fully downloaded before they can watch them. Similarly it saves on users’ data because they get a chance to glimpse what a video entails, for that reason they can decide whether to proceed with downloading or to stop the process.


Image Editing

This feature has garnered a substantial number of users for WhatsApp’s competitor Snapchat. The messenger has been applauded for the feature and WhatsApp has decided to join the mix with the introduction of a similar function. Image Editing enables users to tailor their photos by adding captions, texts and emojis which make the pictures both attractive and funny.

Two-Step Verification

Cybercrime has become so common in mobile messaging world in the recent past. Cases of scammers unlawfully breaking into users’ accounts are innumerable these days and WhatsApp is a prime target being that the app has the largest number of users. In this regard, the app developers have decided to add another protection stratum-now users will be required to provide a set 6-digit passcode and the One-Time-Password sent to their phone numbers every time they will be signing up in WhatsApp on a new device.

For recall, this feature is not by default-users have to activate it by visiting security settings on their App. You will be required to set a unique but easy to remember passcode and also provide your email address for the purposes of resetting in case you happen to forget your code.

WhatsApp is also protected by default end-to-end encryption that prevent security agencies, scammers, hackers and other third parties from devious access to your text messages, voice and video calls.

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