WhatsApp is Ready to End Support for Older Phones


WhatsApp has been here since 2009, but it is only after Facebook’s takeover in 2014 that the app’s dominance has been growing unprecedentedly.

As at the time of this writing, there are more than 1.1 billion people actively using WhatsApp. This is huge for the app, but it is sad to hear that the company will be ending support for some older devices that were deemed new at the time the app was still making its name in the industry.

Of course, not so many devices will be affected by this change of plans by the app, but this will mean upgrading to a new device unless you don’t want to keep enjoying the new features that keep showing up on the app. If you still own an iPhone 3GS, your time has come to an end. The story is the same for anyone who is still using an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 based on iOS 6, but since these three can be upgraded to at least iOS 7, it will also mean you make the shift to the newer OS, unless you don’t want to keep using WhatsApp.

Given that Android has the most versions of operating systems out there, quite a number of devices will suffer. These include those using Android 2.1 and version 2.2. On the other hand, those still using Windows Phone 7 will also have to look elsewhere by the end of this year. There is still some time left for those using BlackBerry 10, Nokia Symbian S60 and Nokia S40, but don’t be convinced that next June is still very far.


The main reason WhatsApp is making this decision to end support for older phones is because of the new features on the app. Over the past one year, the chat app has gained quite a good number of major features. These include end-to-end encryption, text editing features, voice and video calling as well as support for GIFs – apparently, most of these old devices do not support these features.

So, if you are still on any of the mentioned operating systems, you better start shopping for a new phone this Christmas holiday when offers are in plenty, otherwise, you won’t be able to send your friends and family those warm New Year messages through WhatsApp.

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