WhatsApp for Windows Phone Updated to Version 2.16.300

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WhatsApp is a simple trademarked instant messaging platform that uses the internet to send text messages, phone contacts, audio files, voice memos, images, documents, GIFs, PDF files, and make free voice and video calls.

The chat application has versions for different platforms including the three most popular – Android, iOS, and Windows Phone OS. It is also available for BlackBerry, Nokia S40, and Nokia Symbian.

The stable version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone has been updated to v2.16.300. The update is available for download on mobile devices running on the Microsoft OS and it’s a follow-up to the features contained in the recent beta versions. The key features include the two-step verification, storage capacity info, and GIFs-to-videos conversion button along with the usual bug fixes and system stability enhancements.

The update also includes the recently sent out free video calling feature that allows users to chat face-to-face with other users regardless of where they are. However, the feature may not work on the older versions of Windows Phone OS. According to the company, users must have Windows Phone 8.1 or higher to have the feature functioning on their WhatsApp applications.

Remember, Facebook acquired the chat application in February 2014 for a whopping $19 billion, the largest venture to have been done by the towering social media platform. As at February 2016, WhatsApp’s user base was reported to have hit a billion users landmark, making it the most used instant messaging client on earth today.

The instant messaging space is one of the most competitive areas in technology today. There are countless instant messaging services competing to become the best. In that regard, developers of each service must strive to give their customers the best services or else they lose them to their competitors. Facebook’s WhatsApp is one of the most updated instant messaging apps.

WhatsApp’s interest in Windows Phone OS

The Microsoft platform has been overlooked by developers and key tech companies. While WhatsApp competitors mainly base on Android and iOS, the company treats Windows Phone and other platforms alike. Major features that are available on WhatsApp for Android and iOS have also been sent out to Windows Phone. The client now supports document sharing which allows users to share office files via the chat app and also the support for GIF files.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

WhatsApp will stop support for some operating systems in 2017, according to the most recent news but Windows Phone will still be supported. Phones running on BlackBerry, Nokia S40, and Nokia Symbian will not support the chat app after the mid next year deadline.

How to install WhatsApp 2.16.300 for Windows Phone

The update is a stable release and can be installed directly from the Windows Store. Just open the official store, search for WhatsApp 2.16.300 and install it on your smartphone without much ado.

WhatsApp testing `Group Video Calling and Video-streaming features

Immediately WhatsApp rolled out the highly-anticipated video calling for everyone, rumors started floating about the possibility of Group Video Calling following. This feature allows many users to be added to a video call. However, the rumors may just be hoaxes, unless the developers make an official announcement.

On the other hand, some WhatsApp Android beta users in India have spotted video-streaming feature on their apps meaning the function is under testing and may be rolled out soon. According to the reports, users will no longer see the download icon in the middle of a video sent to them via the chat app, instead, it is now replaced by a larger play button. When you hit the play icon the video will start streaming as downloading proceeds in the background just like YouTube buffers videos.

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