WhatsApp for iOS hit by a Bug: Videos and Docs Auto-downloading against Settings

WhatsApp users are in for a nasty shock as videos and docs auto-download even if the settings dictate the reverse.

WhatsApp for iOS might have been hit by a bug defying its media auto-download feature that dictates whether media download automatically or manually. As redditor, u/veLiyoor_paappaan, reports, his app has started to download videos and docs automatically yet he has turned the feature off.

He claims that he has always set his WhatsApp not to auto-download in-bound media and it has been working pretty well until recently when he noticed something weird: While photos, images and other types of media remained ‘obedient’, videos and docs started auto-downloading against his will.

Naturally, WhatsApp saves downloaded media in your gallery unless you create nomedia file or a folder inside the app. For the redditor it is about videos and docs saving within the chat service itself. But, by all means this is an outright glitch that must be addressed sooner than later.

Auto-download is a graceful feature, useful both when turned off and in its active mode. For some, there is a lot being floated and forwarded in the groups that must not go directly into their galleries. For others, you got to have this feature up to have everything covered without missing a thing. The good thing with WhatsApp’s auto-download is that it gives you the chance to choose which media to download automatically over which connection – cellular data, Wi-Fi or roaming data.

But, if you are the kind who has been using this feature to regulate your internet data usage, perhaps, following a strict budget or to save storage space in your device or for any other reason, maybe it’s time you consider doing a simple check to see if docs and videos have been downloading without your consent.

All the same, if you notice any abnormality while using WhatsApp, be sure to report it to the developers for a better app for all.

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