WhatsApp for Android Getting Photo Albums and a Revamped Call Screen

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Last week WhatsApp launched the ability to send all types of files across its highly successful instant messaging client, and it was music to our ears, I must say.

This week there is a decent treat for Android users. The company is extending albums feature, which rolled out earlier this month to iPhones, to WhatsApp users on the popular Google’s operating system – but in the beta channel for now. Accompanying the major change is a slight call screen facelift.

Media bundling is and will be a graceful revelation to hundreds and thousands of WhatsApp users all over the world and redefines how media is shared across the platform forthwith. Until then, sending media across the platform would see the files line up one after the other, of course in a vertical orientation. And when that happens; chat space is wasted and time, the most important resource of our time, consumed. Albums feature, that is more aesthetic than it is functional, saves you scrolls which is quite useful in chats where media is flung in bulk.

The way this works is that if you want to send multiple photos at ago, the images are no longer aligned in tow but are automatically grouped in an album that is viewable to both the sender and the receiver. The album opens to single photos upon tapping, each individually on its page. There is also indications that the company is planning to accommodate shared photos in the near future.

As said before, the beta update also sees a slight visual makeover to the client’s call interface. In the refreshed screen, you swipe up to answer a WhatsApp call, replacing the older sideways swipe. In addition, the call screen now looks more refined.

A number of WhatsApp android testers have confirmed seeing these changes working in their apps which means if weren’t privy to this information, its time you hit that update button under WhatsApp in your Google Play Store and see if you’ve been reached. However, that will only work if you had enrolled for WhatsApp’s beta testing program. In case you had not registered and you are interested in doing so, then continue scrolling further down. You’ll see a lead button to becoming a tester.

The APK file is also right over here at APK Mirror for those who can’t get to Play Store for one reason or another.

Lastly, last week’s support for all files sharing is also rolling out bit by bit to WhatsApp’s stable version. The feature cuts across the three major WhatsApp clients including Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

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