WhatsApp extends Android Gingerbread Support until 2020, Latest Beta Version brings Albums to Android


Last year, WhatsApp confirmed that it will be ending support for a number of mobile platforms from Android, iOS, Nokia and Windows Phone.

The Facebook-owned company kept a part of this promise by ending support for devices using Android 2.2 and below, iOS 6 and below, Windows Phone 7 and below and on June 30, Nokia Symbian S60 will face the same wrath. While Symbian S60 was supposed to be joined by the entire family of BlackBerry operating systems as well as Nokia S40, WhatsApp made a U-turn on this decision, promising that all BlackBerry 7+ OS and Nokia S40 handsets will get extended support.

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Now, in an updated post, WhatsApp has just confirmed that those using the aging Android 2.3.7, famously known as Gingerbread, will get support until January 31 2020. After this, there won’t be any updates for this platform. In addition, those using Nokia S40 will remain on the company’s books until December 31 2018 while the group on Windows Phone 8.0 will be supported until the end of this year, same as those using BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10.

This is some good news for those still using the old Android Gingerbread, but again, who in the hell is still using an OS that was first released in 2010?

As for those who are part of the beta program, the latest version of WhatsApp has some goodies that you’ll definitely enjoy. Not so long ago, iOS users received a nifty feature in the shape of Albums. Well, this has finally hit the Android world, but it’s still in beta.


If you can manage to grab version 2.17.234 (and above), you’ll be able to enjoy the new Albums feature well ahead of others, but since this version is unstable, we recommend that you simply wait for the stable version to be pushed to the Play Store so that you can download it the regular way.

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Just to give you some highlights, the Album feature groups photos in a WhatsApp conversation in a clean UI, eliminating the previous case where images shared in a chat were all over the place. The feature is automatic and takes effect whenever you send more than four photos in a single chat window. When someone sends you more than four photos, they’ll also be arranged in an album with a preview of four photos.

While this Album feature appeared on iOS alongside another nifty feature in the shape of Photo filters, this beta version of WhatsApp only brings the former. We don’t know when the company plans on bringing the photo filters, but it shouldn’t be long before it happens.

If you can’t wait for the stable release of the app, feel free to grab the beta version at APK Mirror via the link below and install it manually on your phone.

Download WhatsApp Beta 2.17.235

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