WhatsApp Beta Updated to Version 2.16.384 with Video Calling Bug Fixes


Facebook’s WhatsApp is one of the many proprietary instant messaging and video calling platforms in the market today. The application allows users to send and receive data over the internet even to people in other countries.  

WhatsApp has registered over a billion downloads since it was incorporated in 2009 and is available on several platforms with Android, iOS and Windows Phone being the most active of all the clients. Each client has two different group of users, that is, the main client and a beta testing group. The later helps the developers in testing new features before they are rolled out to the main client.

To maintain such a big user base, WhatsApp developers work round-the-clock on updates for the beta client to thwart bugs associated with the newly introduced features and to test new features as well. Today’s article presents to you the latest beta update pushed to the Android beta testing version. It is good to know that: the patch has no new feature except for normal bug fixes and system stability enhancements and weighs 31.84MB which is 0.44MB heavier than the previous release.

WhatsApp just welcomed video calling feature last month meaning the feature is still new to the platform and bugs are expected. With that in mind, the app’s engineers are receiving user feedback in that respect and are working on them by compiling patches. Mobile messaging space is fiercely contested with veteran platforms and newbies making relentless efforts day and night to win users’ hearts. WhatsApp, in particular, has to work extra hard on video calling feature which is arguably the chief addition this year. The Facebook-owned platform has to be exceptional to compete aginst the likes of Microsoft’s Skype, FaceTime, Line, Google Hangouts/Duo and all competitors who introduced the feature earlier.

Elsewhere, if rumors are true then WhatsApp users will receive the multi-video calling feature soon. Reports linking the chat app with the feature that allows users to add more than one person in a video conversation started floating immediately video calling staged rollout was launched. However, there is no official word to confirm that yet. On the contrary, WhatsApp introduced Video Streaming feature which is a different dimension altogether but still a direct shot in video space nonetheless.

How to install WhatsApp 2.16.384 Beta for Android

First of all, this update is strictly for Android beta testers, which means users on the main channel will not get it even if they update their apps.  The good news is that anyone can join beta testing group anytime. To do so just visit Google Play official website, look for “BECOME A TESTER” button, tap on it and there you are! Already a beta tester. You can now go back to the store, key in WhatsApp 2.16.384 Beta in the search bar, hit enter button and install the update on your device.


Recall, WhatsApp testing versions may not be as stable as the main client, bugs and occasional crashes are sometimes experienced. Testers are allowed to opt out of the service, unfortunately, not all users know how to withdraw from the program. Here is how to do it;

How to leave WhatsApp Beta testing program

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Tap on My apps & games option appearing on the panel on the left under your profile
  • On the appearing menu, select Beta. You will see WhatsApp along with other beta apps and games installed on your device, tap on it.
  • Scroll down, search LEAVE button and hit it. By doing that you will not receive beta updates.

You are also encouraged to report any anomalies experienced as you use the app so that developers can correct them in the forthcoming updates.

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