Warning: CIA can Hack WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and Other Android, Windows and iOS Apps and Devices, Smart TVs and More

CIA, WikiLeaks, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, End-to-end encryption

In a new report brought forward by the famous WikiLeaks, all apps that are supposedly hack-proof thanks to end-to-end encryption protocols used to protect user data can easily be exploited by the CIA and other spying agencies in the U.S. and other countries.

WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal are famously known for their end-to-end encryption protocols that the companies have claimed even their own systems cannot access the messages, no matter what. But from what it appears, this is not true at all. The Central Intelligence Agency has hacking tools that it uses to get around all security measures taken by Google’s Android team and Apple’s iOS team, the communications apps used on these devices, smart TVs, and many other gadgets, thus gaining access to whatever information they’d wish to have.

Apparently, WikiLeaks notes that the CIA and other U.S. and foreign agencies have been able to break into the likes of WhatsApp, Telegram as well as Signal – three of the most secure apps on the planet – by simply hacking into your Android, Windows, iOS, or even that Samsung TV you use at home. This way, they can turn these devices into their own spies, giving them details of everything you say, do or even see regardless of your global location.

CIA, WikiLeaks, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, End-to-end encryption

Even though the leaked documents confirm that the malware can activate and record data from a microphone on a Samsung smart TV, it further adds that smartphones infected by the same malware can also give out audio, text as well as geo-location details to the agencies. It gets even worse as the malware can further enable a number of sensors on the phones, including the cameras, hence the ability to see what you are up to.

In short, all the messages you input on WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram as well as the calls placed via some of these apps are easily accessible by the CIA, despite the end-to-end encryption protocols being in place. So far, there are about 8,761 documents obtained by WikiLeaks and the analysis is still going on. This is just the beginning of this story and more should come out sooner or later.

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