[Video] Samsung May have leaked the Galaxy S8 in this TV Ad – and you’ll love it

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S8 is all over the rumor mills and with each passing day, we get our eyes on new information, leaks, rumors, and speculations about this phone.

While a lot has pretty much been revealed through the many leaks and rumors out there, Samsung may just have given us a real clue of what the Galaxy S8 will look like when it is unveiled in a few weeks’ time.

A recent Sam Mobile report revealed that the flagship will be launched on April 15, but this is sourced from unnamed industry insiders. In a video ad published by the company on its official Samsung Display YouTube channel, the tech giant is running a Samsung Display ad that is meant to showcase the power of AMOLED screens over other ordinary screens, probably the LCD models.

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In addition to showing that the AMOLED panels are slimmer and are economical battery users compared to their competitors, the ad goes on to show off the display panel on a phone that matches a lot of what has been said in the rumor mills, especially on matters of design. As it is, the leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 has a huge display screen that is as a result of a missing physical home button. If rumors are to be believed, the screen should have a size of 5.7 inches. It will also be the new home for the phone’s fingerprint scanner unless Samsung moves it on the back, which is unlikely.

Watch the video below and drop us your thoughts in the comments section.

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