Update: Gmail for Android Now Allows Sending, Requesting and Receiving Money from Within the App

Google Gmail for Android

Google has announced that the Gmail for Android app is getting a new update that will now let users directly send and request for money without leaving the application.

This feature is already available in the latest version of the Gmail app and it can be downloaded straight from the Google Play Store. Users of Gmail have been able to send and request money since 2013, but this was only possible via the web application. In fact, this feature was around even before Google Payments, which is meant to handle your entire financial information that includes Android Pay and Google Wallet, was formed. In short, it has taken Google a period of four years before adding this same feature to the Android platform.

It’s very simple to use. All you need to do is tap on the attachment icon and you should be able to choose between sending and requesting money. You don’t have to worry about receiving money as well – because it happens right from within the app. All these happens without the need of installing any payment application on your Android phone. It gets even more interesting as the Gmail feature allows you to set it up in a way that once the money is received, it is redirected straight into your bank account.

Google Gmail for Android

If you thought the goodies in the new Gmail for Android app are over, well, there’s more. Unlike other payment services that restrict users to the same platform, for instance, PayPal to PayPal or Skrill to Skrill, the updated Gmail app lets you exchange money with anyone who has a valid email address, just like it happens with sending files to anyone with an email. In fact, you won’t be charged a single penny for sending or receiving the cash.

Google Gmail for Android

On the downside, this feature has only been activated for those in the U.S. So far, Google has not mentioned a thing regarding whether this feature will make it to other regions or not. The company has also remained silent on whether Gmail for iOS will be receiving the update at some point in future.

What do you think about this Gmail update on your Android phone? Would you like the feature to come to your local market? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: Google

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