Upcoming Windows 10 Update will keep your Most Important Files safe from Ransomware Attacks – Another Reason to Upgrade

Windows 10

As at the time of this writing, Europe and more specifically Ukraine, has been hit by another dangerous ransomware attack that is targeting high-profile institutions.

Dubbed Petya, this attack is a reminiscence of what happened weeks ago when WannaCry ransomware crippled thousands of systems in over 150 countries across the globe. Back then, it was determined that many of those affected by the deadly WannaCry ransomware attack were still using the old Windows XP, something that forced Microsoft to roll out an unusual security patch in order to protect the many people still using the old OS from future attacks.

Of course, Microsoft was simply being courteous by rolling out the said security patch to the old Windows XP since the support for the OS had already been discontinued a few years ago. But in an attempt to ensure that future attacks won’t affect any of those using the latest Windows 10, the tech giant has an audacious plan for the upcoming Fall Creators Update that will be rolled out this September.

According to the Redmond Company, those using Windows 10 will no longer have to worry about future ransomware attacks. The update will allegedly prevent ransomware attackers from accessing any of your most important files stored on your PC thanks to a new controlled folder access feature. This feature is designed to only let specific apps gain access and read/write the contents of this folder.

By default, this feature will prevent apps from accessing important files stored on a Windows 10 desktop as well as other important folders such as Pictures, Documents, and Movies. Microsoft says that this controlled folder access will monitor any changes made by apps to files in protected folders and if any app tries to read or write to the contents of the protected folder, owners of the PC will be notified about the attempt. However, the app making the attempt should already be blacklisted by the feature in order to trigger the notification to be sent to you.

Ideally, this new Windows 10 feature is designed to protect users against malicious attacks that include viruses and ransomware that attempt to lock out users from their systems. Also, Microsoft has said that its Windows Defender software will now come with an exploit protection feature that will prevent viruses and malware from exploiting any security holes in Windows 10.

So far, these security measures are only being implemented in Windows 10, which is another major reason you need to ditch the old Windows OS on your PC in favor of the updated version. As noted earlier, most attackers from the recent past have been targeting old Windows operating systems since they know they are vulnerable due to lack of security updates. If you are using an old Windows OS, you now have another reason to jump to the newer version, otherwise, you’ll remain a target for these malicious hackers.


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