Upcoming WhatsApp Update to Let Users Send and Receive any Type of Files


WhatsApp has made its name in the instant messaging realm through offering users a simple and easy to use platform for exchanging messages in the most basic ways possible.

Whether you want to share text, photo, audio, video, GIF or even documents, WhatsApp is your companion. When the app started out, not these entire file formats were supported, rather, the company has been adding them gradually with the growing popularity of the platform and expanding needs of the billions who use it.

While it’s true that the app supports sharing of messages in core file formats, there are lots of other formats that are not yet supported on the app. In order to share ZIP, RAR, AVI and other file unsupported file formats, for instance, one had to turn to third-party apps such as SendAnyFile, something meant many users had to go through even more hassles to enjoy using the app.

However, according to the latest developments, this will soon be no more. Apparently, WhatsApp is testing a new functionality that will allow users to send and receive files in any format on the app. This is something that will definitely be welcomed by the more than a billion people enjoying the free services of the Facebook-owned app, who can currently limited to PDFs, spreadsheets, Word docs and slides.

So far, this new functionality is available to a limited set of users for testing purposes and once the company is satisfied, it will be rolled out to the entire WhatsApp family. Sadly, we can’t tell when this feature will be here, but since it’s in the testing phase, it won’t be long before it becomes available.

Despite the nifty addition, there will still be limitations on the file sizes being shared, with Android users getting a maximum of 100MB, iOS users a maximum of 128MB and WhatsApp Web users will get a maximum of 64MB.


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