Upcoming WhatsApp Update could Borrow this Facebook Messenger Feature


There isn’t a better way of expressing one’s feelings without being verbose than using stickers or emojis. These expressive drawings are becoming an integral part of internet chatting with almost all instant messaging and other social media platforms introducing them.

Facebook, in particular, is a big fan of these cartoons which are now available on its main app as well as Messenger, and now it seems the same treat is coming to WhatsApp sooner or later.

According to a screenshot of the latest WhatsApp beta app leaked by WABetaInfo, it appears stickers will be available on the popular client in the coming days. WABetaInfo is a well-known tipster and the publication’s rumors in most occasions have turned out to be true. As so, stickers will be joining its smaller cousins – emojis – on WhatsApp, if the testing becomes a success.

Facebook started embracing stickers about four years ago, first making them available on its main app on mobile and then to Messenger on both Android and iOS. Now, with the emerging rumors, it sounds like the social networking company wants to extend the same to its remaining portfolio of apps with WhatsApp looking set for the treat. And according to the shared screenshot, the pack looks the same as the one available for Messenger users.

The company’s sticker pack has been undergoing modifications over time for all intents and purposes. Recently, they introduced paid-for sticker pack for Messenger including the high-ranking Simon’s Cat and Marvels Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2.

If anything, you need no genius mind to understand why Facebook is so resolute in introducing stickers in its family of apps:

WhatsApp’s competitor and Japan-based chat app Line Messenger has been making a fortune out of stickers. The company has been using branded stickers for quite a while and they’ve proved to be real cash cows generating a staggering amount of income. Line Messenger reportedly raised $10 million from sales of emojis two years ago with only 230 million users. You can imagine how much WhatsApp can make from over 1.2 billion monthly active users.

Another example is Apple’s iMessage. Apple introduced paid stickers to its instant messaging app a year ago as a part of a complete face-lift following the launch of iOS 10. Whether WhatsApp will be going for the branded model or just the free one is still unknown, but if the former will be the case, then the pack will not be available by default on the platform, instead, users will be paying for it.

Fans showing discontent

WhatsApp fans all over the world have expressed their displeasure following the images insinuating stickers’ arrival. The app’s infuriated fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment in Facebook, blaming the company and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg for stuffing WhatsApp with a lot of unnecessary features.

Early this year when Facebook cloned Snapchat Stories and branded it My Status for WhatsApp, the public was not happy. The majority felt that the company was making an app that was meant to be simple too intricate.

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