Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S Pen could be used to measure the amount of alcohol in your breath

It’s only a week and the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be here. The phone will be unveiled on August 23rd and possibly begin selling the day after – but only in select markets such as the U.S.

During the build up to this Galaxy Note 8 launch, there have been a lot of rumors, leaks and speculations doing rounds. However, most of what has come out has been based on the design, specs and features of the phone itself. Samsung has kept quiet on the details of the S Pen, but we can be sure that it will be an upgraded version of the 2016 model that came with the Galaxy Note 7.

Speaking of an upgraded S Pen, the company filed a patent in June 2016 that suggests the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or probably other future Galaxy Note devices will be able to measure the levels of alcohol in someone’s breath. In short, Samsung wants future Note phones to come pre-equipped with a breathalyzer.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Looking at the patent, it’s clear that the S Pen will be the one working as the breathalyzer, where users will be able to bend the device and take advantage of the inbuilt gas sensor to measure the amount of alcohol in their bodies. Also, the same S Pen will work as a microphone when needed.

The gas sensor will analyze your breath and using a short-range transceiver unit, the data collected will be sent to the phone’s main body. Apparently, this breathalyzer function will still be available even when one is making a call or using the S Pen as a microphone.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As noted earlier, Samsung filed for this patent back in June last year, but it was published only last month. Whether the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the first to ship with this feature or not is still unknown, but what is clear is that the Korean company has bigger plans for future Galaxy Note phones.


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