Upcoming Nokia Android Smartphones to be Priced Competitively


Nokia will be back to the mobile phone market starting next year and apparently, expectations about the Finnish company are high, especially when looking at how established the brand name is.

The Nokia brand is known all over the world for what it once was as far as cell phones are concerned. However, the company failed to make the transition into the smartphone world when things started changing about a decade ago, with the likes of Apple, Google, and Samsung taking over the industry instead. Well, Nokia is adamant that making a comeback with the most popular mobile OS – Android – is possible.

There is little information out there about what Nokia has in plan. However, it is known that this brand name belongs to Microsoft. Interestingly, the Windows OS maker will not be part of the second coming of Nokia, instead, the latter will be working closely with its Finnish counterpart, HMD Global. According to the CEO of HMD, Arto Nummela, the upcoming devices will offer premium quality while at the same time remaining competitive in the market as far as price is concerned.

HMD Global will be in charge of manufacturing the upcoming Nokia smartphones and apparently, the tech giant will also seek the help of Foxconn when it comes to satisfying other markets. India, for instance, has been identified as a major target market for the new phones, citing that the handsets will be a premium execution regardless of the price point.

Nokia D1C

As far as the design is concerned, HMD Global CEO added that the phones will come with a look that will make people immediately recognize that it is a Nokia device. Furthermore, Nummela asserts that the company will do everything possible to remain extremely competitive in the market when it comes to specs and pricing of the smartphones.

Nothing much is out there regarding these phones, but given that they have been confirmed, it is possible that a launch date could happen during the MWC 2017 event. We’ll keep following the matter and bring you the latest news. Keep following us.

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