Unreturned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones to be made Practically Unusable

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued after experiencing what is the company’s worst nightmare up to date. In fact, there is still no clarity as to what really happened to the Note 7, making the phone burst into flames.

To take care of the matter, Samsung issued a notice that directed owners of Galaxy Note 7 units to take them back to where they bought them for a monetary refund or get a new device. While many then owners of the phone heeded to Samsung’s call, some who had already fallen in love with the phone chose to ignore.

Well, the phone itself is worth taking such a risky move, but Samsung wasn’t giving up on this matter. As a result, the South Korean tech giant has been rolling out software updates to the Galaxy Note 7, trying to cap the battery charge at 60%. This is seen as a preventive measure against the phone exploding, but still, the company hoped that throttling the available battery power would make those still using the phone opt to take it back.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lovers out there are still OK with using just 60% of the available battery power. So, in a move that is aimed at forcing Note 7 users to heed to Samsung’s call, the company is throwing in one last attempt where it will be killing off the cellular service of the phone, making it practically unusable. It has already happened in New Zealand where the company is working with local carriers to help prevent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users from accessing their cellular networks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The latest move will see the company hit Australia and this will begin on December 15th. Once this happens, the only way you can use your Galaxy Note 7 to access the internet or communicate for that matter is through Wi-Fi. It is just a matter of time before the same update comes to your region as the company seems determined to end any cases associated with the Note 7.

If you still own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you can take it back and walk out with a new Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Alternatively, you can also get a full cash refund and buy a device of your choice.

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