Uber now lets you pay $15 to get back items you forgot in the car, tipping drivers also allowed


It’s nothing unusual to forget some items in an Uber when on your way home, especially if you have been having a few drinks with friends at some party in midtown.

Previously, getting back your lost item required that you log into your Uber account from a friend’s phone or via the web browser and contact the specific driver in order to arrange a mutually convenient time and place where the two of you can meet and get back your item. However, this was not so convenient for most drivers out there, with many arguing that tracking down customers to return their lost phone or keys wasn’t the easiest job.

Now, in a bid to make things easier for drivers, Uber has now introduced a small incentive where passengers who lost their items will now be required to part with a flat fee of $15 when a driver tracks them down to return their forgotten items. According to the company, this is just a “delivery fee” that is meant to reward drivers for the job of tracking you down, which also involves burning fuel.

In addition to introducing this delivery fee, Uber is also adding a few other benefits for its drivers, among them a promise for 24/7 phone support, protections for driver ratings, quick fare fixes in the app, faster document review as well as the introduction of an option to schedule in-person support meetings. Not so long ago, the company also introduced a new feature where satisfied customers can tip drivers via the app, a feature that is now available in more than 100 cities across the U.S.

In order to ensure a seamless 24/7 phone support for drivers, Uber is set to hire more call center employees. With this feature, coupled with the addition of tipping and a delivery fee for returning forgotten items, the company is aiming to make drivers happy in a bid to retain them. The company has been hit by major scandals in the recent past, with a number of top executives including the CEO and founder Travis Kalanick stepping down, but this won’t stand in the way of Uber’s continued growth across the globe.

So far, these new features have been confirmed for the U.S. market, which is usually the first market to get new updates. Since Uber is now available in multiple countries across the globe, we expect to see these features making their way to these markets sooner or later.

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