Truecaller 8.0 Merges with True Messenger to Handle Unknown SMS Senders, Block Spam Messages and Specific Numbers and More


Many Android smartphone users have installed the Truecaller app just for one major reason – to identify unknown callers.

In addition to giving you an identity of that unknown number that has been annoying you, the Truecaller app also lets you block this number such that the owner is no longer able to reach you via calls. But what if this person decides to go the SMS way? Well, some time back, the developer of this app took care of this by coming in with True Messenger, an app that basically does the same thing Truecaller does, only that it handles messages. Still, you can easily turn this app into your default SMS app so that identifying and blocking unknown and spammy numbers gets even much easier.

Now, in a bid to harmonize the services, the updated Truecaller 8.0 has something interesting for you. Apparently, the app has received the support for SMS where it can now be used as your inbox app. In short, the new Truecaller app is stepping out of the usual zone of being a simple phonebook and voice calling app. It can now handle unknown SMS senders, block spam messages and annoying numbers you don’t want as well as include a bunch of other features such as the ability to share emojis and location, among others.


If you use Google Duo app for video and voice calling, the updated Truecaller 8.0 will make your life more interesting. The app will be integrated with Duo on both Android and iOS, where you can easily jump from sending an SMS to a voice call and then to a video call via Google Duo.

Even though Truecaller 8.0 has been confirmed to be coming with these new features, the company did not confirm when exactly Android users will be able to download it via the official Google Play Store. If you know your way around installing non-Play Store apps on your phone, the link below will get you the APK version thanks to APK Mirror, which can be downloaded and installed manually.


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