This Twitter Tool will Tell you How Many of your Followers are Fake (Bots)

Twitter Audit and Fake News

Twitter is currently testing a tool that will let users report fake news and offensive content, however, the company has not yet made up a decision on when this tool will be rolled out to the general public.

According to a report by the Washington Post, there is the need for such a feature to be released as there are lots of Twitter bots that are good at spreading fake news and various forms of bogus and or misleading information in just a matter of minutes.

Apparently, U.S. President Donald Trump has a massive 13.5 million fake followers – followers that can easily spread fake information in no time across the globe. Given how fast information spreads on Twitter, it is easy to find this misinformation making its way to other popular social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and even Instagram.

Once such information hits these mainstream social media channels, it becomes a lot harder to trace the original source in a bid to stop it from spreading further. As a result, it is better to handle this issue right from its roots, which is Twitter. In this way, it will be easier to stop the spread of this fake news to other media.

On the contrary, there are concerns that if Twitter unveils a button that users are to hit whenever they identify a follower as a fake account or a bot, some might turn into abusers of this feature by attempting to block legit news sources.

The tool, which is known as Twitter Audit, can easily determine the number of fake followers one has on their list of followers. All you need is to enter your Twitter handle and authorize the tool to access your account. Once it has scanned through your followers, you’ll get a report of how many of your followers are legit or fake.

You can read the whole report about this new Twitter Audit tool via the source link below. To check how many of your followers are fake, click here.


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