The Iconic Nokia 3310 is Back – Check out this Video Teaser ahead of Feb. 26 Launch

Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 was first launched in 2000 and as at the time of this writing, the phone has been discontinued. However, not so long ago, we received wind that this iconic phone is making a special comeback via the Mobile World Congress 2017 show that takes place in less than two weeks.

After close to 20 years since the Nokia 3310 was first released, the phone is set to receive a major remake and re-launched to the mobile phone industry once again. However, the details of what HMD Global, the company that now owns the Nokia brand, has in store are still unclear.

Like any other phone, we expect to see a changed Nokia 3310 when compared to the original variant. But to keep it iconic as before, a new concept video reveals that the tech giant could keep some of the design aspects that made the 3310 such an iconic phone, but the materials and finish are without a doubt sleeker. The original model had a somewhat tiny display screen, but don’t expect any drastic changes to this size. As for the 22mm thickness, HMD could probably reduce it, but you can be sure of a slightly larger battery capacity than the 900mAh used on the discontinued variant despite the reduced thickness.

The Nokia 3310 had a very small internal memory that could accommodate a few message templates, eight dialed, eight received and eight missed calls. With the refreshed version, you can expect support for microSD card storage and apparently, the video shows off a rear-facing camera, although the details of the lens are still unclear. Whether the phone will keep or upgrade the Snake II and Space Impact games that were part of the older model is still unknown. Better still, don’t be surprised if newer games come preinstalled on the phone.

The concept video can also confirm that the arrangement of the buttons remains unchanged, but since this is not the official Nokia or HMD Global YouTube channel, be warned that anything could end up different once the phone arrives.

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