Teleshop Kenya (Safaricom Discount Shop) has an offer of 30GB data for Ksh 3K, up to 15% discount on Safaricom and Telkom airtime and other data packs

Teleshop Kenya - Safaricom Discount Shop

If you have been on the road over the weekend or attended a huge event where you took lots of photos and videos that your friends will definitely want you to share, Safaricom Discount Shop, also known as Teleshop Kenya, has your back covered.

The start-up has some amazing offers on data packs and airtime, but the standout offer appears under the “Best Deals” section. Here, you can get a 30GB Safaricom data pack at just Ksh 3,000. Usually, the telco sells this data pack at Ksh 9,000, but it lasts 90 days as opposed to the 30-day expiry period stated by Teleshop Kenya. On other occasions, though, the expiry date of data sold by the retailer can be extended past 30 days, but only if you request it.

Perhaps the 30-day limit could be a deal-breaker for some, but still, this is a great offer for those who consume huge amounts of data on a daily basis. If your usage is on the lower side, Teleshop Kenya still got plenty of options for you to pick from.

Safaricom sells a 7-day 200MB data pack at Ksh 99, but Teleshop Kenya wants you to have it at Ksh 85, a discount of 14%. If you want 1GB, you pay Ksh 425 instead of the usual Ksh 500, which is a discount of 15%. This 15% discount is the same one you get for buying 350MB at Ksh 212, 3GB at Ksh 850, 5GB at Ksh 1,275, 7GB at Ksh 1,700 at 12GB at 2,550.

Teleshop Kenya - Safaricom Discount Shop

Other than the 200MB data pack, the rest of the options have a 30-day expiry date, but as noted, Teleshop Kenya says this date can be extended.

Just because of the name Safaricom Discount Shop it doesn’t mean this platform is limited to the giant carrier. Telkom Kenya is also included, but unlike Safaricom, you only get offers on airtime plans. Right now, you can get a discount of 15% on any amount of airtime you buy via the platform, but the lowest value you can buy is 100, which costs Ksh 85. Whether this is a short or long-term offer is unknown, but many will be hoping the latter is the case.

The same 15% discount applied on Telkom Kenya airtime also applies to Safaricom airtime, which also has a lower limit of 100. This will set you back Ksh 85.

Teleshop Kenya Safaricom Discount Shop

There’s an official website for Teleshop Kenya where you can find out more details about this platform as well as grab these deals, but you can also get the Google Play Store app, which has the name Safaricom Discount Shop. Still, doing a “Teleshop” search in the Play Store will land you to the same app at the top of your search results.

This should be a cool place for buying your airtime and data packs, don’t you think so? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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