WhatsApp beta gets a bunch of not-so-useful app shortcuts in the latest update

WhatsApp beta

When Android 7.0 Nougat made its debut last August, the OS introduced a new feature known as app shortcuts. With this feature, one can long-press on app icons from the home screen to reveal a […]

Latest WhatsApp scam will leave you with an empty bank account – Here is what you need to do

WhatsApp virus

Majority of the world’s population using the Internet for instant messaging has WhatsApp as their primary platform. As so, it only makes sense that we keep you clued-up with anything around the popular Facebook-owned client, […]

Warning – Your entire Google Chrome web browsing history will be shared with your family and friends unless you do this

Google Chrome LeakerLocker

Hackers are finding witty ways of getting money from smartphone users and the latest one involves the popular Google Chrome, an app that you’ll find on a huge chunk of Android devices out there. While […]

WhatsApp warning – There’s a new virus that secretly records videos of you and shares your contacts, location and entire browsing history

WhatsApp virus

We all know how amazing WhatsApp is, but with every good thing, there’s always a bad side and no matter how deep it’s hidden, it always comes out, at some point. Apparently, there’s a new […]

Upgrade WhatsApp for Android now to get the latest picture-in-picture feature

Upgrade WhatsApp for Android

It’s always important to upgrade WhatsApp for Android to the latest version because you not only get the latest fixes to bugs and errors, but also the latest and hottest features the app has to […]

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 still works perfectly – here’s what you need to do

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10

A month ago, just before many WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 users were about to be locked out of using the app due to the ending support from the developers of the app, news broke the […]

Why you should upgrade WhatsApp for Android to the latest version

Upgrade WhatsApp for Android

Do you think it’s necessary to upgrade WhatsApp for Android to the latest version? Well, if you don’t, we have some reasons for you to do so whenever there’s a new version. WhatsApp is the […]

How to get WhatsApp free download for Samsung Galaxy phones

WhatsApp free download for Samsung Galaxy phones

In my time as an avid Samsung smartphone user, I often come across the question: how can I get WhatsApp free download for Samsung Galaxy phones? While this is not a bad question to ask, […]

Latest WhatsApp update finally brings the feature you’ve all been waiting for

GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an app you’ll find on almost every smartphone out there. In fact, some OEMs are saving new smartphone buyers the time to download and install the app by shipping the phones with the […]

WhatsApp Recall Feature Nearing Release, No More Embarrassments


The long rumored WhatsApp recall feature could be released in a few weeks time. According to a report by WABetaInfo, the feature is already in Windows Phone beta version just waiting to be enabled, a […]