Latest WhatsApp update finally brings the feature you’ve all been waiting for

GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an app you’ll find on almost every smartphone out there. In fact, some OEMs are saving new smartphone buyers the time to download and install the app by shipping the phones with the […]

WhatsApp for iOS hit by a Bug: Videos and Docs Auto-downloading against Settings

WhatsApp users are in for a nasty shock as videos and docs auto-download even if the settings dictate the reverse. WhatsApp for iOS might have been hit by a bug defying its media auto-download feature […]

Flawed WhatsApp Night Mode Could Dwarf the Application’s Future Growth

WhatsApp free download for Samsung Galaxy phones

A few days ago WhatsApp added Night Mode, a feature that enhances photography in low-light settings to its in-app camera. It enhances clarity producing brighter images as intended, but users have also reported the images […]

Latest WhatsApp Beta Update Lets You Locate Friends


WhatsApp is a very popular app and has billions of users across the globe. One thing that gives it this status is the volume of features it is able to offer in a very small, […]

Next WhatsApp for iOS Update Could Feature Ability to Revoke and Edit Sent Messages


WhatsApp has been one of the busiest instant messaging platforms this year. The service has been receiving several cool additions all through the year from the ability to share any kind of document, end-to-end data […]