Leaked: Apple iPhone 8 Screen Protector Appears in a Video showing off a New, Revolutionary Design

Apple iPhone 8

Apple fans have cut frustrated faces after seeing what Samsung has recently done with the Galaxy S8. In fact, Sammy has been ahead in the design game for a few years now, but it appears […]

Apple’s iPhone SE and other Future iPhones’ Prices could get as Low as $220 in India and Africa Starting Next Week

Apple iPhone SE

According to fresh reports surfacing from India, Apple’s iPhone SE has started local production. This follows a decision by the American company to start producing some of its products in India in a bid to […]

Report: iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S September Launch still on Schedule

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

After the release of Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple’s main competitor in the flagship smartphone business, the Cupertino Company is facing a huge task as far as outshining its closest rival is concerned. The battle for […]

iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S? Apple iPhone 2017 Naming Equation Solved

Apple iPhone 7S or Apple iPhone 8

This year will mark the 10th anniversary since the first Apple iPhone came to life, which was back in 2007. With big changes expected this year, there are lots of rumors going around with talk […]

Report: Apple iPhone 8 to ship with same battery size as iPhone 7 Plus, but keep iPhone 7 form factor

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

A new report says that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will ship with a battery capacity that is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus without compromising on the form factor of the iPhone 7. Apparently, […]