Google Play Protect is a free tool that scans for harmful apps before and after they are installed on Android devices – Here’s how to get it

Google Play Protect

Android users have always been concerned about the security of apps and general protection from malware, but this doesn’t mean the platform isn’t safe. In fact, Google has always been at hand to ensure that […]

Warning – Your entire Google Chrome web browsing history will be shared with your family and friends unless you do this

Google Chrome LeakerLocker

Hackers are finding witty ways of getting money from smartphone users and the latest one involves the popular Google Chrome, an app that you’ll find on a huge chunk of Android devices out there. While […]

Rejoice: WhatsApp Sneaks the Old Status Back into the App, But It’s Hidden


WhatsApp is the most used messaging application on the planet, boasting a user base of more than 1.3 billion people from all corners of the globe. In order to keep these masses happy, WhatsApp brings […]

Microsoft Unveils Skype Lite for Saving your Limited Mobile Data

Microsoft Skype Lite

If you are using a limited mobile data plan and rarely get access to free Wi-Fi, there is a new Microsoft Skype Lite app for you. While at the Future Decoded event in India, Microsoft […]

Latest Google Play Store App Update Fixes Major Crashing Problems

Google Play Store on Android TV

The Google Play Store is a core app in the Android ecosystem and without it, your device might never be as enjoyable as it is right now. Even though there are workarounds of getting apps […]

Super Mario Run Download for Android is a Scam

Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s first real installment ever for smartphones has finally come, Super Mario Run, launched this week exclusively for iOS mobile devices. As expected, scammers are here to benefit from the new game based on the […]

Google Allo Finally Crosses 10 Million Play Store Installs Threshold

A couple of months have elapsed since Google sent out two new communication applications – Google Allo and Duo. The former is a dedicated instant messaging client on mobile while the latter is a video […]

Google Play Store App Updates’ Size Reduced by up to 65%, Saves More Data

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is one essential application on all Android devices because it is home to all apps and services that are required to get the best out of Android gadgets. However, one thing […]

Google Play Movies 4K Titles are Now Live, App Available for Samsung Smart TVs

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV app has finally been updated with 4K UHD titles – a feature that has been anticipated for quite some time now. This feature started showing up a few weeks ago, […]

Google Play Store Officially Comes to Sudan, Still No Room for Paid Apps

Google recently revealed that it will be launching a new Google Play Store meant for users in Sudan. This news comes in as a surprise to many who thought that this service is available in […]