Google Chrome is giving users more control over websites they visit

The internet is one of the best places to be, but it can also turn out to be your worst nightmare. Have you ever been in a cyber café and suddenly land on a website […]

Google Search for Android gets a new, nifty feature

Google Search for Android

At the Google I/O 2017, the search giant revealed that Android has clocked a following of more than 2 billion across the globe. The platform not only offers some of the cheapest means to owning […]

Warning – Your entire Google Chrome web browsing history will be shared with your family and friends unless you do this

Google Chrome LeakerLocker

Hackers are finding witty ways of getting money from smartphone users and the latest one involves the popular Google Chrome, an app that you’ll find on a huge chunk of Android devices out there. While […]

5 Best ways to stay safe when browsing the Internet

Safe internet browsing

The internet is for sure turning into a very dangerous place, especially in today’s highly tech-based environment. There is an increasing number of malware, viruses, and other phishing scams on the internet. Identity theft and […]

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks to Improve Browsing Speed and Save Battery Life

Google Chrome 56

Google Chrome is the leading web browser in the world, be it on mobile devices or PCs. The application first came out as a dedicated web browser, but with the changing tech world, Google has […]

Google Chrome page load time has improved by up to 20% from a year ago – Do you agree?

Google Chrome 56

Google Chrome is the most popular web browsing application not just on mobile phones, but also on desktops and other devices. According to a new report from the Chromium project team, Chrome web browser is […]

Google gets rid of Bothersome Chrome Page Jumps with Scroll Anchoring Update

Google Chrome 56

Google has finally addressed frustrating random page jumps that have been bothering Chrome users as they browse both on mobile and desktop. However, the problem is more paramount in mobile where browsing window is restricted […]

Google Chrome for Android will soon migrate the Address Bar to the Bottom of the Screen for Easier Access

Google Chrome

With the growing number of phablets in the smartphone market, the most popular web browser, Google Chrome, could be planning an early Christmas present for you. A few years ago, it was hard to come […]

Google Chrome 57 for Desktop – Here’s Why the Update is a Must Have

Google Chrome 57

Google Chrome 57 is the latest version of the browser that is currently available for desktop users of Mac, Windows and Linux. Other than coming in with the usual bug fixes, the updated Google Chrome […]

Google Chrome 56 Removes Option to Replace Downloads, but it won’t Clutter your Device

Google Chrome 56

A few years ago, back at a time when many Android phones did not come with file browsers, it was really tough when it came to managing Google Chrome downloads. Users of Google Chrome browser […]