Samsung Galaxy S8 is a nice phone, only that it runs Android OS

Samsung Galaxy S8

I know how hot this iOS vs. Android debate can get, but there will always be one winner, depending on how you look at it. Let me begin by posing a simple question? Why do […]

Report: Apple iPhone 8S (8S MAX) to use Samsung-made 7nm chipsets

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8

There are reports that Apple has already started working on life after the iPhone 8, with claims that the 2018 model will be baptized iPhone 8S MAX. According to the report, the iPhone 8S MAX will […]

Rumor: 2018 iPhone 8S MAX to feature a massive 6.2-inch OLED screen

Apple iPhone 8

A lot has been said about the upcoming iPhone 8, but it remains unknown whether Apple will accompany the flagship with a Plus variant like with the case of the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. […]

Leaked iPhone 8 Rear Camera [Dummy] Looks Ugly, but Chinese OEMs will still Copy it because it’s Apple

Apple iPhone 8

Ever since the new OnePlus 5 was unveiled, a lot has been said about how the Chinese OEM lacks in terms of innovative designs. The phone has an astonishing similarity with the Apple iPhone 7 […]

First Apple iPhone SE ‘Assembled in India’ Models Show Up

Apple iPhone SE

In May, a Wall Street Journal report appeared with claims that the iPhone SE production in India had already commenced with the first units expected to go on sale soon. Well, it appears that soon […]

Leaked: Apple iPhone 8 Screen Protector Appears in a Video showing off a New, Revolutionary Design

Apple iPhone 8

Apple fans have cut frustrated faces after seeing what Samsung has recently done with the Galaxy S8. In fact, Sammy has been ahead in the design game for a few years now, but it appears […]

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Clone, Oppo R11, is Available for Pre-orders in China

Oppo R11 and Oppo R11 Plus

Apple is the role model for many smartphone OEMs in the world. However, China’s Oppo has taken this ideal to the next level with the latest Oppo R11 smartphone. The phone has been in the […]

Apple’s iPhone SE and other Future iPhones’ Prices could get as Low as $220 in India and Africa Starting Next Week

Apple iPhone SE

According to fresh reports surfacing from India, Apple’s iPhone SE has started local production. This follows a decision by the American company to start producing some of its products in India in a bid to […]

Apple iPhone 7 and Oppo R9s Lead Global Smartphone Shipments, up to 353.3M Smartphones Shipped between Jan and Mar 2017

Apple iPhone 7 and Oppo R9s

Over the recent past, the smartphone market has been growing exponentially. With more people buying phones, more companies are joining the fold thanks to the all-inclusive Android OS. Anyone can pick up Android OS and […]

Report: iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S September Launch still on Schedule

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

After the release of Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple’s main competitor in the flagship smartphone business, the Cupertino Company is facing a huge task as far as outshining its closest rival is concerned. The battle for […]