Super Mario Run Gets first ever Update – Features more Toads, New Buildings, Google Play/Game Centre Achievements

Super Mario Run

For a very long time Super Mario Run creator, Nintendo, has been unmoved by the flourishing business in the mobile video game realm.

Despite a lot of requests by its avid fanatics, the gaming giant refused to release its numerous captivating titles to external gaming devices. Until recently, on December 15, 2016, Nintendo released its first real installment – Super Mario Run – on devices manufactured by other companies. The game first launched on mobile devices running on iOS but is now available for Android devices as well – and is a free download with $10 in-game fee to unlock the whole content.

Maybe not good enough to satisfy the highly expectant Nintendo’s large gaming community, the release of Super Mario Run was indeed a remarkable step which has now opened doors for more Nintendo mobile games.

Today, Super Mario Run is getting its first ever update since its release and those who have been running the game on their Android or iOS devices must be pleased with this treat that now offers new motivation to keep on playing the game. In the same magnitude, the update adds some features to entice more newbies and probably earn Nintendo extra income.

There are quite a number of additions and enhancements here and there. Though not much, the new Super Mario Run v2.1.0 is impressive. Here is the full changelog:

Increased Number of Toads

The game’s Toads Rally mode is getting a boost. The maximum number of Toads that can reside in a player’s Mushroom Kingdom has been increased to 99,999. You got to love this if you are already a Super Mario Run gamer. For newcomers, more Toads mean more rent, bigger and larger kingdom and so on.

Super Mario Run

New Buildings

Addition of new buildings is probably the key talking point in this new update. It gives new reasons to continue playing Super Mario Run for those who had stopped or those who are just about to do so. The update that has just been sent out gives you all you need to continue in case you ran out of reasons or just about to.

There are additions of new buildings that might not be easy to get all but offer a new challenge and makes you aim higher. The buildings among others include Bullet Bill Statue, Bob-omb and the 8-bit Browser Statue.

Player icon enhancements

If you love fashion, then this is what you’ve been missing in Super Mario Run. The update allows you to import a self-tailored avatar from Miitomo and use it as your character. This exciting ability allows you to show off your fashion prowess even as you play the runner.

To take advantage of this incredible feature, download a free Miitomo app here, but keep in mind that Miitomo is not available in all places, maybe including your own country. In case the app isn’t where you are, then, you got no option but to be satisfied with the other segments of the update.

New Google Play Achievements/Game Centre Achievements

Google Play Achievements has now been effected on Android variant while iOS version gets Game Centre Achievements implemented. Though the features should have been there from the start, they are still great additions all the same.

Super Mario Run

With the update, you can now search/find friends and other users from your Nintendo-linked accounts along with other modifications and enhancements to both Android and iOS users.

Elsewhere, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has admitted that Super Mario Run did not live up to the company’s dream as far as revenue collection is concerned. Apparently, the $10 in-app purchase fee has not done Nintendo any favors, instead the company has struggled to convince a substantial number to pay up the steep fee.

The Super Mario Run update is now live and available for download via Google Play Store and App Store.

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