Super Mario Run Download for Android is a Scam

Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s first real installment ever for smartphones has finally come, Super Mario Run, launched this week exclusively for iOS mobile devices. As expected, scammers are here to benefit from the new game based on the most popular gaming iconic character, Mario.

While it is true players can get Android games earlier before they reach the Google Play Store by downloading APK file from the internet, some scammers are taking this opportunity to lure desperate users into installing malicious software on their Android devices.

Super Mario Run was launched exclusively for mobile devices powered by the Apple operating system meaning the popular Android devices does not have its official version in the Play Store yet. Naturally, the game’s enthusiasts are desperately looking for ways to land it from the web. Of course, they do get download files, unfortunately, these files are just masquerading malware. Be warned, there is no download file of Super Mario Run for Android as at now.

A number of fraudulent websites are up to swindle frantic gamers, they have uploaded phony files which they claim are Android download version for the new title.  The sites are claiming the files will enable players to run the game on some specific phones like Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7 or LG V20. One of these unscrupulous places in the net is KO player, you should not attempt to download a file for Super Mario Run on this site lest you want to harm your phone with a camouflaged malicious program.

Nintendo’s venture into mobile gaming is predicted by tech analysts and game enthusiasts to be a major hit and scammers are squarely aware of this as well. Cyber criminals are certain to gather a good number of victims from the millions who will download the game. Super Mario Run is expected to attract a number of fake files as was witnessed with Pokémon Go which Nintendo had a hand in.

Super Mario Run

The mobile sensation gathered a record-breaking number of corrupted files and the same is expected to happen with the latest installment. Vice president of research at Axran (app Security Company), Aaron Lint is a subscriber to this idea, he notes that hackers will try to exploit Super Mario Run codes targeting the large number of downloads the title is already attracting.


Note that, every third party APK download is a risk even if an app or game has been officially released for Android. That said, even if Super Mario Run gets to Android officially, it is still not safe to download its APK file from untrusted sources. The best place to get a legit game for Android smartphones is from the Google Play Store. However, now that Super Man Run is charged, stubborn players will look into ways of evading the $9.99 fee by gambling on APK files from the web.

Nintendo is aware of the looming piracy threat and is limiting the game to a constant internet connection. Though, a good way to curb cybercrime, hackers are likely to bypass that barrier as well. By the way, it is for the same security reasons that Nintendo preferred iOS to Android, naturally the former is more secure.

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