Skype Reverts Galling Changes, Maintains Snapchat Stories-like Feature

It’s been weeks of frustration for Skype and its mobile app users alike. Microsoft decided to overhaul the service’s design and features several weeks ago, perhaps to catch up with fellow competitors, and it’s fair to say that it has not gone down well with most users.

Last month, Microsoft took a shot at camera-first design with its own Stories-like feature named Highlights which is more like the original Snapchat Stories albeit with some tweaks, notably the ephemeral snaps last a week as opposed to the popular 24 hours time frame. Microsoft also slinked bots into Skype alongside add-ins to the app’s features in the biggest update since 2006.

Unfortunately, the new look did not appease Skype users who have blamed the company for taking away some of the service’s identity features. Since Snapchat pioneered the camera-oriented design, every chat app wants to try it out, regrettably, for some, it results in a total mess. Facebook tried it out with WhatsApp and many didn’t like it, you would think it was the worst case scenario until Skype gave it ago.

Skype’s rating has been dwindling in App Store and Play Store since then with its average 3.5 stars in the official Apple’s store falling to 1.5 in the United States and 1 in the UK. Users have had no chills either in their reviews, they have been stripping the company mercilessly accusing it of trying to masquerade like Snapchat instead of working to bolster its identity.

Following the despicable ratings and reviews, it was up to Skype to stomach the hard times or succumb to pressure and revert to its old-self. Seemingly, they have settled for the latter in part; the company is rolling out an update that recalls some changes following the highly negative feedback.

One of the changes that were met with unseen contempt was the removal of Skype’s old status display for contacts which the company is now bringing back. Most users were not amused with the change that stripped them off something they cherish, ability to see their friends who are online.

Innate sharing ability is also coming back, which means you will be able to share content directly from conversations to other applications installed on your device.

The new version also comes with a couple of new features that include additional themes and a slight makeover to chat screen interface. It as well addresses bugs that plugged Skype’s new contact and chats deletion, and ability to use other applications while on a call.

The update is now live for both Android and iOS users who updated their apps after or on July 12. Note that the changes are arriving in bits, as such you might not see any even if you have the latest version up and running on your device.

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