Sarahah app opens the doors to cyberbullying

Sarahah app

If your social networking timelines have been stormed by Sarahah profiles from your friends, well, you aren’t alone.

Sarahah is the latest online sensation and it has definitely taken the internet by storm. If you’re not a member already, you’re probably wondering what Sarahah is all about. Well, this is an app that comes courtesy of a Saudi developer. The app has already established a significant following in the Middle East and recently, it has started making way to other markets across the globe.

Originally, Sarahah was a website where employees could send their bosses anonymous feedback, but it was turned into an app this June. This means that you can grab the app via the Google Play Store at no cost. Once the app is setup (you need a username, email address, name and password in order to sign up), users are able to send anonymous messages to others.

It’s also possible to share your profile to social media networks, where people can start sending you feedback. This feedback constitutes messages from people you won’t be able to tell their identity.

In some contexts, the app is cool. It gives you a chance to finally spill out everything you’ve been unable to say to your crash for months or years or even vent out some anger to that enemy that tops your hate list. The app provides users with a platform where they can say anything to people and they won’t be able to tell who told them. But the bad side of the story is that the same could also be done to you.

There’s no doubt that the intentions of Sarahah app are good. It lets users convey messages they wouldn’t have been able to do so in person, however, this app also comes with grave effects. If you haven’t met a nasty person, this app is exactly where you’re going to meet one. Since their identity is hidden, some people can start trolling others, something that could get worse if a group of bullies turn to one person.

Sarahah app

Not everyone can take in insensitive statements about them. Some react differently and since some people can really enjoy sharing hate messages about others, Sarahah app could easily become a cyberbullying platform.

The good side of the story is that the developers of the app have jumped in quickly with a likely solution to this cyberbullying threat, but it renders the initial intentions of the app quite useless. Apparently, the latest update to the app brings Sarahah Exposed where users will be able to reveal the identity of any anonymous senders.


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