Samsung Gear S4 to Follow Galaxy S8 in Using AI Assistant Bixby in All Apps

Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Gear S4

While Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks have drastically been curbed, there are still more fresh rumors coming in from South Korea, but this time, it’s about the Gear S4.

Previous reports have indicated that the Korean tech giant will be integrating an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant into the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 in order to match the likes of Google Assistant and Apple Siri used by its competitors. While this has not been entirely confirmed as at the time of this writing, the latest report adds that the same AI assistant will also be integrated into all apps running on the next-gen Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch.

The Samsung-owned AI assistant will reportedly be known as Bixby and just like Google and Apple are working on expanding the use of their AI assistants to include more than just smartphones, Samsung has the same plans immediately after debuting it on the Galaxy S8.

Samsung has been busy trying to enter into the AI voice-guided assistant services since it acquired Viv Labs, an American startup that was founded by the same persons responsible for the development of Apple’s Siri. According to reports, Bixby will be available in all apps that Samsung will preinstall on the Galaxy S8 – a device that will be used to launch the service.

Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Gear S4

The Korean tech giant already has a voice assistant named S Voice, but reports claim that Bixby will take the place of this assistant when Samsung Galaxy S8 is launched somewhere in April 2017. In short, users of the flagship will be able to operate the phone using voice commands, just like those on the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel are already doing.

Samsung is expected to launch a series of new wearables starting 2017, among them the Gear S4. Apparently, this device will also come preinstalled with Bixby. The good side of the story is that those using the older Gear S2 and the current-gen Gear S3 will also be able to enjoy this AI assistant through a software update. This will for sure increase competition between Google and Samsung as far as the wearables are concerned, especially since the former has the same plans when it launches a pair of smartwatches in the first half of 2017.

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