Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors – Arrival of Samsung Pay Mini and Bixby AI Assistant Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

There have been talks of Samsung launching a new AI-based digital assistant known as Bixby – an assistant that will reportedly ship with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship.

In addition to this rumor, there was talk of Samsung working on what is known as Samsung Pay Mini, a standalone version of its mobile payment system that can be used on non-Samsung phones. In a new development, it appears that Samsung is working on combining these two such that users of Samsung Pay will be able to use the Bixby AI assistant to process payments using Samsung Pay.

This information comes from the company’s Samsung Pay Beta build, which means nothing has been finalized just yet.

Samsung started working on the new Samsung Pay Mini platform a while ago. This platform is meant to bring the services of Samsung Pay to non-Samsung devices, allowing different people to use the platform to make payments on websites rather than relying on the inbuilt feature, which is available on a limited set of phones. As for the introduction of Bixby, this is something new and it will be interesting to see how it works. But probably, users will have to speak out some commands that the assistant will be able to understand and execute as requested, for instance, “Bixby, send $100 to Donald.”

Samsung Galaxy S8

Since this development has appeared in a Samsung Pay Beta build, it is not easy to tell when exactly Sammy lovers can start seeing these features. However, if rumors are to be believed, we could see the new version of Samsung Pay with full support for Bixby AI Assistant alongside Samsung Pay Mini at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8. Apparently, this phone is expected to be here starting April 18, but fresh reports claim that the South Korean tech giant could be working on a few handsets meant for teasing the S8 at next month’s MWC event.

Nothing is concrete just yet, but we should follow up the matter and bring you the latest updates. Keep following us!

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