Samsung Galaxy S8 may keep the 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Samsung Galaxy S8

Earlier today we reported about a possible final design of Samsung Galaxy S8. This was leaked via a case from a UK designer known as Mobile Fun.

As per the designer, Samsung is working on a Galaxy S8 Edge but reports from South Korea have insisted that the tech giant will debut a Plus variant in place of the Edge model. This is true because the two models of the phone will come with curved dual-edge screens, hence making the Edge separator irrelevant.

While today’s Samsung Galaxy S8 cases did not give out much with respect to the status of 3.5mm headphone jack, Android Police’s David Ruddock is adamant that the company will be keeping this feature. This has been spotted on some casings for the phone, but Ruddock says he has more than designer cases to back his claims.

This is good news for Samsung fans out there waiting to buy the Galaxy S8. At a time when many OEMs are shifting their attention to USB-C as the universal port for audio, data transfer, and charging, Samsung is still showing some love to its diehard fans by giving them the option to keep using their old 3.5mm head or earphones. If this is true, Samsung Galaxy S8 will for sure have gained a unique selling point, especially if its closest competitors decide to go the USB-C way as far as audio connectivity is concerned.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came in with a USB-C port but kept the 3.5mm headphone jack. If anything, this is the same design that Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in with.

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