Samsung Galaxy S8 is a nice phone, only that it runs Android OS

Samsung Galaxy S8

I know how hot this iOS vs. Android debate can get, but there will always be one winner, depending on how you look at it.

Let me begin by posing a simple question? Why do Android devices keep getting bigger RAMs when compared to the iPhone, yet the latter always wins the battle when it comes to benchmark scores? I know someone is already saying how benchmarks have no bearing on the performance of a device, but we still use them for a reason.

For instance, it had to take up to 8GB RAM on a OnePlus 5 phone in order for Android to get the better off of iOS in benchmarks, yet the latter’s iPhone 7 Plus only ships with 3GB RAM. Before this, the 6GB RAM OnePlus 3T was the closest Android competitor the iPhone could get, but it was still behind the Apple phone in terms of benchmark scores. What does this tell you?

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In my case, it simply tells me that iOS is way better at doing things than Android. While we might sit here and argue all day about the beauty of Android as far as being open-ended is concerned and the number of apps the Play Store offers compared to the Apple App Store, the fact remains that no one is good at doing their job than Apple, including Google with respect to the Pixel and Nexus phones.

Which brings me to my point. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is by far the most beautiful phone on the planet at the moment. This has even led to speculations that Apple will this time around be the one to “copy” from Samsung, something that is usually the other way round. Despite all the goodness of the Galaxy S8, the only letdown is the fact that the phone is powered by Android OS.

The OS has its fair share of issues, especially on matters of security. It gets even worse when it comes to the speed of software updates when compared to iOS and worse off, it pains knowing that Samsung is at the heart of these software updates, something that could mean the Galaxy S8, for instance, will receive the update to the upcoming Android O somewhere in 2018, just like it happened with Samsung Galaxy S7 with respect to the current Android Nougat.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8

Many iOS apps are simply better-looking when compared to Android, but Samsung Galaxy S8 has more tweaks to the interface that makes some things even worse. The amount of bloatware, although significantly reduced on the Galaxy S8 compared to previous models, is still a point of concern. In addition, iOS apps are usually ahead when it comes to receiving updates compared to Android, even including those from Google itself.

We all know how easy it is when it comes to enjoying seamless connectivity between Apple devices, something that cannot be said of Android or rather Google and or Samsung devices thanks to the differences between Android and Chrome OS, for instance. You can easily respond to a call on your Mac, but you can’t do the same when using a Samsung Galaxy S8 and Chromebook or even a Samsung laptop for that matter, be it on Chrome OS or Windows OS.

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If all the rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 design looking like the current Samsung Galaxy S8 are true, it might just be one lucky day for Apple fans. Most are envying what Samsung has achieved as far as the design language of the S8 is concerned and in fact, were it not for the fact that the device is powered by Android OS, many would have already made the switch.

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