Samsung Galaxy S8 Gear VR Issues and Possible Solutions

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Gear VR

Samsung is steadily growing its stature in the virtual reality realm thanks to the Gear VR, but as usual with relatively novice technology, early adopters of VR are still facing quite a number of issues when trying to immerse themselves into this strange, but interesting virtual world.

While many people are having no problems with using the Gear VR on their Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets, some are going through tough times with this technology. For instance, there are those who have been experiencing issues where their phones are simply not reacting to the Gear VR headset. The phone does detect the headset and even downloads apps and updates – and so does the controller. However, trying to launch a game doesn’t yield any results, instead, you only see the message “To open the application, insert your device into your Gear VR.”

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According to those who have experienced this issue, deleting and reinstalling all apps or even restarting the phone multiple times doesn’t solve the problem. Apparently, one Redditor notes that it’s possible this issue is related to faulty Gear VR hardware. One way of finding out this is trying the headset with another phone and if the same persists, you might want to get a replacement unit.

Other Samsung Gear VR users on the Galaxy S8 are reporting glitches in images when turning their heads to look right and left. This happens regardless of the app in use, which is something that can be annoying. However, it appears that restarting the phone may fix the issue and if this doesn’t work, try to stop any resource-intensive apps that might be running in the background (although running VR apps usually suspends most things).

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Some Samsung Gear VR users on the Galaxy S8 are also experiencing audio issues with several gaming apps. Some say that turning to Bluetooth headsets solves the problem, but others are adamant that wired headphones are the best to avoid audio issues. You may also try deleting and reinstalling the faulty apps to take care of the problem.

So far, not so many users of the new Gear VR headset on the Galaxy S8 are going through overheating issues like with the case of the previous handsets, more so the Galaxy S6. It appears that Samsung has been working on this aspect, which means the overheat warning is rarely reported among users.

It’s good to know that even with some issues here and there, the experience of the Gear VR on the Galaxy S8 has stepped up compared to previous cases, which could only mean one thing – the future is going to be even better.

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What issues are you experiencing when using the Gear VR on your Galaxy S8 or older Galaxy phones? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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