Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+’s Bluetooth 5.0 Allows Users to Stream Audio to Two Speakers at Once

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

Bluetooth is definitely a very interesting feature on any phone, but it can also be an annoying one at the same time.

When it’s working perfectly, you will for sure be full of praise for it. It gets even better when it has no issues with your audio connections, especially if you are one person (like me) who hates having wires around every gadget. The many issues that affect Bluetooth audio connectivity are actually what have led to mixed market performances for the likes of Moto Z, iPhone 7 and the recent HTC U Ultra – they have no 3.5mm audio jack and are actually urging users to turn to wireless audio connectivity when charging the phones via the multipurpose USB-C port.

But with the new Bluetooth 5 that comes preinstalled on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, many of these issues have just disappeared within a snap of a finger. It brings a massive upgrade compared to the previous Bluetooth 4.0. One such addition is the new bandwidth speed that is twice its predecessor at 2Mbps. You also get up to 4x the range as well as support for long-range low energy connections.

It is this extra bandwidth that makes it possible for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ to stream audio to two independent Bluetooth devices (speakers or headsets) at once thanks to the Dual audio feature. It gets even better as this feature allows users to control each connected speaker or headset independently, for instance, adjusting the volume.


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