[Updated with Kenyan Release Date] Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Prices and Release Dates Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have just been unveiled for the first time, confirming just about every leak and rumor that had appeared before today.

Whether it is the design, specs, features or even availability as we are about to learn, it seems Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ were the worst kept secrets by the tech giant. Just in case you are interested, we have all the details you need regarding the release dates of the phones and their pricing in the U.S., UK, and Europe in general. Like the LG G6, those who purchase the Galaxy S8 or S8+ will also get some freebies, but they vary.

Verizon Wireless has the cheapest price tag of $720 for the Galaxy S8 and you can get it on a contract of $30/month. Those on AT&T and T-Mobile get to pay the highest – $750 – but the former’s Next plan has the best contract of $25 per month compared to the latter’s $30/month with $30 down payment. MetroPCS will also be selling the S8 at $729, but the details of availability remain unknown.

All three U.S. carriers will begin accepting pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S8 as from tomorrow, March 30. However, only those on T-Mobile and Verizon can expect to receive the phone as from April 21. AT&T variants will start shipping on April 24. In the UK, Vodafone users will have to part with £47/month plus £30 down payment. Those on EE will be set back £56/month plus £30 down. Shipping will also begin on April 21.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Amazon DE has priced the Galaxy S8 at €800, just like it had been rumored before and interestingly, the carrier will start shipping the phone the earliest beginning April 20. As for the larger Galaxy S8+, the pre-order and shipping dates remain unchanged, but as expected, the price tags are different.

Once again, Verizon has the cheapest price tag for the Galaxy S8+ at $840. You can also grab it on a contract of $35/month. AT&T and T-Mobile have priced the phone at $850. Where the former also offers the S8+ with a contract of $28.34/month on AT&T Next, the latter offers it for $30/month with $130 down. UK’s EE has listed the S8+ at £61/month with £30 down payment while Amazon DE will be selling it at €900.

Update: Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will start selling in Kenya as from May 5th priced at Ksh 85,000 and Ksh 95,000, respectively


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