Samsung Galaxy S7 is still better than Galaxy S8 – here’s why

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S8 is considered the hottest smartphone in town at the moment, but according to brokerage analysts, the Galaxy S7 is still a better phone compared to its successor.

One would be wondering how the Galaxy S7 is better than the beautiful Galaxy S8, which is also more powerful in terms of specs and features. Well, this recent report has nothing to do with the design, features or specs of the S8 with respect to the S7, rather, this has everything to do with market performance.

Apparently, the sales realized in the first two months for the two phones are worlds apart. When the Galaxy S7 was launched, Samsung sold an impressive 12 million units in the first two months. As for the Galaxy S8, which has now been around for more than two months following its April release, has managed a lower figure of 9.8 million units.

As you all know, numbers don’t lie, which is why we believe that the Galaxy S7 is still a better and much-loved phone than the Galaxy S8. Looking at the two phones compared to their predecessors, you’ll agree that the S8 brought more drastic changes to the design and features compared to the S7. As for the S7’s changes compared to the S6, they weren’t so significant, but as it turns out, many loved the 2016 model compared to the love they are showing to the much-changed S8.

Since most smartphone users usually make the switch to a newer phone after two or even three years, it’s possible that many who had been using the Galaxy S4 and S5 were responsible for the high sales volume of the S7. The Galaxy S6 did not see huge sales compared to the S4 or even S5 and if the same theory is to be observed, the number of people moving from the S6 to the S8 was not as huge, hence the slower sales of the latter.

On the other hand, the number of Chinese OEMs coming in with cheaper yet equally powerful handsets has soared. This could also be another major reason Samsung Galaxy S8 sales are not so impressive compared to its predecessors. Also, it’s possible that many are still waiting to see what Apple and Google will come up with later this year as the two plan major overhauls to their phones’ design with respect to the iPhone 8 and Pixel 2, respectively.


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