Samsung Galaxy Note 7R Release May be Delayed by Thorough Examination and Verification to Ensure User Safety

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In March, Samsung confirmed that there will be a refurbished Galaxy Note 7R to be released at a later time.

Back then, the tech giant did not mention a thing regarding the exact release date, but up to now, we’ve seen numerous rumors and leaks regarding the phone, which has officially been nicknamed Samsung Galaxy Note 7R. Samsung had no choice but to discontinue the Note 7 back in 2016 when the phone could not be separated from fires and explosions. The company tried to fix the mess by switching battery suppliers but nothing worked.

As a result of this, the Korean company has millions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets doing nothing in their warehouses – units that were recalled from the millions of customers who had rushed in to get a taste of the new flagship in its early days.

Since Samsung can’t keep these phones in its warehouses forever, the company had an option to dispose them. However, at the MWC 2017, an environmental-based NGO dubbed Greenpeace challenged the company, saying that disposing the millions of Galaxy Note 7 units would have a negative impact on the environment. Instead, the NGO suggested that Samsung should refurbish them and bring them back to the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung took this advice and went on to confirm that it will at some point start selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units. Apparently, South Korea is expected to be the first destination, but before the Note 7R starts selling in this country, it must first be certified by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) as well as the National Radio Research Agency (NRRA). While rumors claim that the Galaxy Note 7R will be launched in Korea this month, it appears that Samsung has yet to apply for the examination of the Galaxy Note 7R with respect to these two agencies.

According to a representative of the NRRA, the body has the safety of users at the top of its list and it will do all the necessary examination and verification thoroughly to ensure that the Galaxy Note 7R is safe, even if it means delaying the shipments. According to rumors, the only change that the new Galaxy Note 7R will bring is a smaller 3200mAh battery unit and possibly a cheaper price tag of $620 or maybe lower.

If all goes according to plan, Samsung will give the Korean market tens of thousands of units, but so far, we don’t know other markets that the company will be targeting.


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