Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Explosion Leaves Detroit Man with Breathing and Hearing Issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

No, this has nothing to do with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, instead, it is the Galaxy Note 4 – a phone many describe as the last real Note to be released by Samsung.

According to the latest reports, the 2014 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 joined the Galaxy Note 7 in becoming a huge threat to the lives of those owning the phablet thanks to a horrifying incident in Detroit where the victim was left with breathing and hearing problems. Unlike some of the Galaxy Note 7 incidences where the phone exploded when charging, the victim of the Galaxy Note 4 incident, Bayar Karim, says that he was sleeping when the phone exploded, leaving holes in his clothes and sheets thanks to the acid that is stored in the battery. The fire incident happened last week Wednesday and apparently, Karim was hospitalized for several hours following the explosion since his breathing and hearing systems had to be checked.

This is not the first time a non-Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone has been reported to suffer from the latter’s disease. Previous cases have seen Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy J5 handsets explode while not connected to any power source. Now that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has joined the bandwagon, even before Samsung finds out what was behind the Note 7 issue, the South Korean tech giant truly has a lot to do before coming in with a new Samsung Galaxy S8 or even Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung suffered a loss of over $5 billion when it recalled and discontinued the Galaxy Note 7. A recent report has blamed the compact nature of the phone on the issue, but what about the case of the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy J5?

Hopefully, Samsung will come in with a better explanation for these cases and not just the Galaxy Note 7, but unless the other cases go beyond the single incidences that have happened, it is unlikely that Samsung will dwell on the older phones. Still, the reputation of the company keeps drowning as more of these cases keep showing up.

As for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners, be careful with this phablet as you might not know when this danger will come your way!

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