Rumor: Vivo X11 May be the first True Bezel-less Smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanner

Vivo X11

Xiaomi started a crazy concept towards the end of last year with the Mi MIX – a concept where smartphone OEMs believe less is more.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX was the first smartphone to come with an almost bezel-less design, but in 2017, more OEMs are joining the party. Samsung has already done it with the Galaxy S8, but there are still some bezels visible on the top and bottom ends of the phone. Recently, Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone joined the party with a phone that looks much more like the Xiaomi Mi MIX, where the only place you find a bezel is the bottom end.

But unlike the Mi MIX where the bottom bezel houses the phone’s selfie camera, the Essential Phone has nothing on the bottom bezel, instead, the selfie camera has a place in the middle of the screen’s upper end. In short, there’s no OEM that has so far managed to come in with a true bezel-less smartphone, but the wait is almost over.

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According to reports coming from China, Vivo X11 may be the first smartphone to feature a true bezel-less design. By this, it means that the phone will have no bezel at all, unlike the case of the Mi MIX, Essential Phone or even the new Maze Alpha, which also takes after the two near bezel-less smartphones’ design language by leaving a bezel on the bottom end.

It will be interesting to see how the Vivo X11 looks like, especially when it comes to placement of the selfie camera and fingerprint scanner. However, this report adds more weight to a separate report that claimed Vivo could beat Samsung and Apple to becoming the first OEM to use an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The report was put forward by Jiutang Pan, a well-known researcher who has done pretty well in tracking China’s mobile supply chain and if this is true, it’s possible that the Vivo X11 may be the one to debut with this feature in the coming months.

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Whether the selfie camera will also find a new home under the display or take after the Essential Phone is still unknown, but for sure, it’s going to an interesting couple of months as the Chinese OEM gets ready to unveil this alleged Vivo X11, the successor to the X9.

Meanwhile, you can check out the video below that demonstrates how the in-display fingerprint scanner will work, but this has nothing to do with the Vivo X11 handset.

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