Report: Real Madrid tops 2016’s Unique Website Views with 135M Visitors ahead of Man. United, Arsenal and Barcelona

Real Madrid

Not so long ago it emerged that England’s Manchester United was the most profitable or rather the richest football club in the world based on stats from the just-concluded 2016, however, the Premier League giants are nowhere near Spanish rivals Real Madrid when it comes to unique website visitors.

Most, if not all, football clubs have an official website where fans can visit and check out the latest developments, news, the progress of academies, and lots of other inside stories about their clubs. Fans can also get recaps of past matches, book match tickets, access online stores for buying club-branded products and even view player profiles, among others.

Now, according to a new research report revealed by Spain’s Marca newspaper, Real Madrid was the most popular club in 2016 when it comes to website visitors. The club, which hails from the Spanish capital of Madrid and is the current defending champion of Europe’s most elite tournament – the UEFA Champions League – saw up to 135 million unique visitors try to find out something from its official website. Not so far behind was Manchester United, which saw up to 111 million people visit its official website despite the poor results in the recent past. Another English top flight outfit – Arsenal FC – managed the top three with a total of just above 100 million unique visitors.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s local rivals, Barcelona, came in at number four with a total of 850,000 website views. We’ll follow up the matter and bring you more details about the top 20 teams, including a number of surprise packages. Keep following us!

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