Report: iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S September Launch still on Schedule

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

After the release of Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple’s main competitor in the flagship smartphone business, the Cupertino Company is facing a huge task as far as outshining its closest rival is concerned.

The battle for supremacy between these two has existed for years and this year, it is once again set to be tested to the fullest. Samsung Galaxy S8 has already stamped its authority on the fact that it’s the best-looking phone in 2017. Whether Apple will outdo this feat with the release of the 2017 iPhone or not is still unknown, however, the American company will have no choice but to deliver the best it got.

Now, in a bid to make this happen, there have been rumors that Apple will release two iPhone models this year. After the iPhone 7, Cupertino is expected to jump to an S model, hence the rumored iPhone 7S. However, in order to match or even beat Samsung at its own game, Apple will reportedly release the iPhone 8, a phone that could end up looking more like a Samsung Galaxy S8 handset than an iPhone in terms of design.

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There have been talks of a bezel-less design with a bigger display screen, a shift to a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner while keeping the dual-lens camera setup as well as the introduction of wireless charging. But all these are rumors and speculations. The same rumor talk has also claimed that the alleged iPhone 8 and its iPhone 7S counterpart will experience some delays in release, but a new report coming from the Economic Daily News says otherwise – that mass production of both iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S is on schedule, with the phones set to stick to the same September announcement and October release pattern.

Apple iPhone 7S or Apple iPhone 8

Apparently, the aforementioned delay in production was as a result of the manufacturing issues the company was experiencing with respect to the new circuit boards that Apple will be using in the upcoming iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. As of now, production has been stepped up, which means the company will be able to go ahead with the launch in September and start official sales in October.

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Despite this, starting iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S sales in October would still be a slight delay when compared to recent years. The previous iPhones have been made officially available for sale in mid-September following a launch earlier during the same month.


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